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In English

Nerkoon Höyläämö Ltd is a privately owned, international company, located in Central Finland, the land of the thousand lakes. We use 40,000 cubic meters of wood, consisting of spruce and pine.

We offer confidential partnership with customized service. Innovativeness, flexibility and aiming for absolute customer satisfaction create the foundation for our success.

We invite You to develop solutions for better living with us!

Once upon a time there was a little village called Nerkoo in Kihniö which is a munipalicity in Finland. The nature around Nerkoo was breathtakingly beautiful and rich in renewing stock. The forests were well kept, providing many workers their livelihood. The village folk were famous for finding innovative ways to use wood in construction. They were hard-working and very hospitable people. It was an unwritten rule, agreed by all, that when one paid a visit to the neighbours, he was always served with a warm welcome and a hot meal.

Nerkoon Höyläämö Ltd wants to cultivate the traditions of Nerkoo village. Using wood creatively allows you to sense the beauty of nature in your home.